Referal Program

In the commitment to share the al-Qur’a Reading data around the globe, we have a tendency to area unit happy to introduce Student Referral Program. As you are growing your al-Qur’a Reading by enrolling in Qtv Tutor’s courses, presently you will boot share the knowledge and receive special tuition discounts. Sharing your data has never been extra rewarding, introduce your members of the family and friends to our courses and every referrer and conjointly the referee may receive the discount.

So begin spreading the knowledge today.
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Currently registered Students registered Student can refer family and friends and procure ball discount on monthly tuition fee.
Referred student ought to be a novel Student
Discount are availed up to 5 hundredths of student’s monthly tuition fee.
Discount area unit reaching to tend once referred student pays first month’s tuition.
Discount area unit reaching to move on monthly tuition until the referred student is registered.
Current registered family/friends are also eligible to participate
New Referred Student
Any student WHO is referred by the presently registered student will mechanically be eligible for 5 discount on monthly tuition.
Once registered new student can participate in referral program by referring new students.
Every student can solely avail discount solely up to 5 hundredths of monthly tuition fee.

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